Get outside and explore your community while trying to solve intellectual and physical fun challenges.

About Scavenge

Scavenge Corporation is a family owned adventure race company based out of Alberta, Canada. Scavenge was born out of a desire to encourage good health, create adventure, foster friendships, and give back to the community through charitable donations. Scavenge will allow the founders to step away from the corporate hustle and bustle and have a “fun” job! Scavenge is run by the Anderson family, with Jeremiah and Chrystal at the helm. Our four children, along with our pet ambassador George, are tagging along for the adventure! We are everyday Canadians (Jeremiah is American but do not hold that against him!) with a dream to help our fellows get outside, have fun, and enjoy an adventure race… the prizes are pretty fantastic also!

How it Works

The concept is quite simple… create an account, enter a hunt, and Scavenge! Once a hunt goes “live,” only those members who have signed up for it have access to it. Missions will be revealed, members need to complete them, and whoever finishes within the allotted prize standings (example: Top 10) stand to gain stellar prizes ranging from cash, recreational vehicles (boats, side-by-sides, quads, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, etc.), vehicles (car, trucks, motorcycles, etc.), vacations, and more!!! The more members that sign up for a particular hunt, the more prizes and increased value of prizes we can award.

There will always be a guaranteed minimum prize announced prior to the hunt start, and EVERY SINGLE HUNT will have a winner, even if Scavenge needs to release hints to get you there! We will NEVER allow a hunt to not be solved. All hunts are designed to be solved within 10 hours maximum, with the intent to release missions on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have that hunt completed before supper time. Initially, hunts will be once per month, but as we garner more and more members to the Scavenge Family, hunts every weekend are anticipated.

We have a massive vision… to be the Global leader in outdoor scavenger hunts.


“We are passionate about good health, from nutrition and exercise to mental well-being and intellectual stimulation. Our family has gone through the corporate dilemma of inadequate work-life balance. Our family is rarely together for more than a week per month and we wanted more for our family and more for our community. Scavenge will allow us to live as family for the first time in many, many long years. Additionally, the Scavenge Family will create funds for charitable donations in many of our and your surrounding communities.”

The Anderson’s saw this as an opportunity to work together, create a fun and engaging business, all while still being able to raise their children together and do something bigger than themselves. We want to encourage outdoor adventure, establish creative and challenging events that make people want to be outside, and lend a hand to organizations that are doing many wonderful things for those less fortunate.

Founder's Profile/Message

Thank you for joining the Scavenge Family and helping us create an amazing adventure experience; we couldn’t do this without you!! We aspire to become the largest scavenger hunt company in the world, while still remaining family owned and rooted in our “family first” beliefs. Our employees would agree as we provide company sponsored childcare, generous vacation allowances, and extended parental leave at full pay! Our employees are family to us, and so are our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly at the below links so we can assist you.

Good luck on your next hunt and welcome to the family!!

— The Anderson’s

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