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We have partnered with well-known company, GooseChase, who have been successful in the scavenger hunt business arena for years. Via use of their mobile app “GooseChase” (available for iOS and Android), all participants will have access to the hunt on the specified day of the hunt. You must download the app to participate in the hunt (it is free, don’t worry). Once the hunt is “live” you need to solve the missions to move through the stages of the hunt. Solving missions will not be a desktop activity; you may need to do any of the following activities, including but not limited to:
  • “Check-in” at various locations utilizing your mobile device GPS
  • Find a QR code that must be scanned utilizing your mobile device camera
  • Upload a picture utilizing your mobile device camera
  • Solve a problem related to math, number sequence, riddle, cipher, etc.
  • Walk, run, hike, bike, or drive to various locations









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Outdoor Hunts:Once a mission is completed and the answer successfully entered, you will automatically receive points for completing that mission. Missions can be solved in any order, but some missions are related to each other, so it may be beneficial to do them in order (hint, hint). A minimum point threshold will be established, which will be required to release the final mission. The first member to reach the minimum point threshold, and reach the final destination will win the grand prize for that hunt; you CANNOT claim a prize if you have not collected the required minimum point value. Additional finishers may receive prizes as well, based on the announcement prior to the hunt start. Scavenge staff will be present at the final destination to greet the finishers.Online Events: Similar to the outdoor hunts, but you are not required to be physically present. These challenges will be primarily intellectual: riddles, trivia, ciphers, and general intelligence testing. There will be no GPS check-ins required. These challenges will also be run via the GooseChase app, so be sure to download it from the App Store.

Any member wishing to claim a prize must present valid government issued photo identification that matches the details provided to Scavenge Corporation during signup. If you do not present the required identification, you cannot claim the prize; the prize will be reallocated to the next finisher. There will be no exceptions to this requirement so please ensure you have your ID with you at all times.This does not apply to online challenges; the email address used during the signup process will be used as verification and a picture of acceptable photo identification will be required from that account.

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